Tips to Consider When Buying a Classic Car

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Classic cars are a joy to own. If you have thought about buying one, there are a few tips to think about. Whether you are planning to buy a classic luxury car or any other model, you want to be certain that you are buying from someone that you can trust. Trust is essential when you are planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Owning a classic car can be very exciting but you have to consider a few key aspects before you buy. First, decide why you want a classic car. Are you going to be driving it to and from work every day or will it simply be for pleasure? If you want something that you can drive to work and back each day, a true classic car may not be what you want. You may be better off with a quality used car or a used luxury car that costs a bit less than a classic but still gives you something very enjoyable to drive. If you want to show the car or use it for pleasure rides, a true classic is a great choice.

Be prepared to spend a bit of money. Classic cars, when they are restored or perfectly maintained, are not cheap. You may want to spend a bit of time looking at the costs associated with the type of car that you want so that you have an idea of how much you need to buy one. If you are planning to purchase a classic car for restoration so that you can resell it again later for more money, you will not need something that is in pristine condition. Your upfront costs will be a bit lower but you will have to have money available to restore it so research this as well so that you know about what it will cost to get the car to its original condition.

Buying a classic car can be a very exciting undertaking, provided you know what you want and what you can afford and providing you purchase from a reputable seller. Take your time when shopping so that you know you are getting a good deal and make absolutely sure that you want to spend this money before you buy. It helps to do your research so plan to spend a bit of time choosing the car that you want and learning more about it and others for comparison. Once you are certain about buying the car and where you should buy it, you can begin looking at cars in person to find the one that you will bring home.

Restoring a Jaguar – What Not to Do

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If you have purchased a used Jaguar, one that needs restoration, and you are ready to begin restoring it, there are some things that you should bear in mind. There are some cars that are simply made to be restored the way that they were. In other words, a true Jaguar should be treated with respect and there are certain elements of restoration that you simply do not put into a Jaguar.

Jaguars are beautiful luxury cars on their own. There are many features that some consumers add to their vehicles that simply do not belong on a Jaguar. When it comes to Jaguar cars, UK drivers prefer them the way they were made. Instead of adding a stereo system with an outrageous subwoofer or adding a television set in the dash, consider simply restoring the car the way it was first manufactured. Not only will people respect you more for it, it will actually increase the value if you leave off those outrageous extras.

Jaguars have a very distinct design that is contemporary and sleek. They are made to be enjoyed, to be looked at and to be restored to their original condition. Whether your Jag is from the 1960’s or you have a newer model, know that these cars are already considered to be the most beautiful on the market. They are relatively rare and should be treated as such. Adding things that do not belong on a Jaguar is only going to take away from its rare beauty.

Aftermarket parts are made for virtually every car in the world and some of these are fine for some luxury cars, but Jaguars should always have certified Jaguar parts. The rims, door seals, radio and other features are designed specifically for the Jaguar and restoring it to its original beauty is the best thing that you can do for your car.

That being said, if you are planning a Jaguar restoration and you are not going to do the work yourself, it is essential that you find a certified and qualified mechanic or body shop to do the work. Someone that is not experienced in working on Jaguars is not likely to do the job that you want done. Restoring a Jaguar, no matter what year it was manufactured, is a delicate undertaking. A general mechanic or body shop cannot possibly restore your car to its original condition. It takes someone who specializes in working on Jaguars to know exactly how they should look and perform.

Many people love the look of aftermarket products on their cars. From exotic paint jobs to virtually everything else, you can likely find parts to add to your Jaguar but if you are going to the trouble of restoring it, why not simply restore it to its original form? You will end up with a beautiful luxury car that is much more valuable than one that contains tons of aftermarket products and outrageous features and should you decide to sell it, it will bring a much higher price in the long run.

What to Look for When Buying a Muscle Car

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Muscle cars are very popular and make excellent collection vehicles. Buying them however, can be a bit difficult and often frustrating. If you are planning to purchase a muscle car, there are buying aspects that you should keep in mind. You are not likely to find the perfect muscle car immediately. It may take some time to locate the right car and even more time to ensure that it is the perfect car for you.

When buying any used car, you want to be certain that you are choosing a reputable source. Taking the time to check out the websites of dealers is a good way to find out what inventory is available, what the average price is for the car that you want and more pertinent information such as the overall reputation of the dealer. You can visit sites like RRG Group to find a wide inventory of cars to peruse and then narrow down your choices based on your specific preferences.

When buying a muscle car, or any car for that matter, you will first need to determine what specific car you want. Once you have even a general idea of what you are looking for, the buying process is a bit easier. The internet can be an invaluable asset when it comes to buying used cars. You can get an overall idea of the cost of the car that you want, what specific features, colors and other aspects may be available and just how popular certain models have become.

You will need to determine why you are buying a muscle car. If you want something to restore and make your own, you may be able to get by with a much lower upfront cost although you will need to be prepared to pay for any repairs or restoration that needs to be done. If you want to immediately begin driving the car or showing it in car shows, you will need to be prepared to spend a bit more upfront but you will have the assurance that the car is ready to go, provided you are buying from a reputable dealer.

Remember that no matter what price is listed with the car, there is always room for negotiation. You can often save yourself a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand depending on the car, if you use strong negotiation tactics. Learn a bit more about how to negotiate for the best price before you begin contacting sellers or dealerships. Trusted sellers are best so take your time and do a bit of research to learn more about who you are buying the car from. You should also plan to take the car for a test drive, which is the fun part. Even if you end up not buying the first muscle car that you test drive, you get the thrill of driving it which also gives you a bit of information about how well it performs and drives which are essential parts of the buying process.

Choosing the Best Garage for an MOT Test

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If you have decided to take your car for an MOT test then you need to choose a garage. A garage that has a good reputation and one that has certified mechanics on staff is essential. There are things that you will want to consider when choosing a garage however, aside from the key essentials.

A garage that makes you feel comfortable is a must. You want to take your car to a place that has a friendly staff and one that does not leave you waiting for hours on end. The MOT test is an essential part of maintaining your investment and the garage needs to give you peace of mind about the services that they perform. Certified MOT garages have a blue background sign with three white triangles. You can spot this sign and know that you are entrusting your car to someone with experience and the proper certification to perform the test.

The area where the test is performed should be clean and free from excessive noise. It should also have the proper inspection facilities to perform the test. Mechanics should be able to inspect all necessary areas of your car with ease including the underside. If a garage claims to provide MOT tests but cannot easily check the underneath of the car, they cannot possibly do a quality job.

Aside from the facility itself, the mechanics need to have access to the proper tools and equipment. This will ensure that the test can be done properly and quickly. Again, you do not want to have to wait for hours to get the test done. Many consumers these days have busy schedules and the quicker you can get this test finished and be on your way, the better. Find out if the garage you are considering can handle your specific vehicle. Some may not be prepared for larger vehicles so you need to ensure that size is not a problem.

When your car passes the MOT test, you have fewer worries while driving. You can rest assured that your ride will be safe and comfortable. Because of its importance, the MOT test simply must be performed by certified and experienced mechanics and in a facility that can handle all of your needs. Doing a bit of research into the garages in your area will help you to find one that can perform the necessary testing and while cost should certainly not be the only factor that you consider, it is an important one. Find out what the garage charges as well as how long they expect the test to take.

If they are not able to get your car in quickly, you may want to find another garage. Bear in mind that reputable garages may be booked up for some time so you may need to make an appointment for a date and time that is suitable for you and the mechanics. Doing just a bit of research before you make the appointment will help you to ensure that you are entrusting your car to the right garage.

Can You Sell a Car That Has a Lien?

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Many consumers want to sell their cars but often have liens on those cars. Selling a car today that has a lien is quite common. Many people decide to trade their cars in about every three or four years so many of them are still being paid off when the owners decide to trade them.

You can actually sell or trade your car with a lien, depending on where you try to sell it. Certain companies may offer you pay-off for the car as well as a bit of extra cash. If you are looking to sell the car through a dealership, you can likely find out whether or not they buy cars with liens by visiting their websites.

You should note that selling a car that has a lien against it does mean that you have to do a few extra things before you can make the sale. There will be paperwork that must be properly filled out so that you and the buyer of the car are protected. A lien is simply a hold that is placed on the ownership rights of your car until you have paid off the loan. It means that you own the car but you share that ownership with whoever lent you the money to buy the car, be it a bank or the dealership financing company.

If you want to sell your car before you have it completely paid for, you will need to satisfy the loan to nullify the lean. This means that you have to pay the loan off completely so that you can transfer ownership of the car to the person who buys it. If you are selling to a dealership of some sort, they can help you to get through all the legalities of paying off your existing loan so that you can sell the car. If you are selling to a private seller who gives you cash, you can just pay the loan off with the cash that you have received. Understand that it is against the law to sell a car to someone without notifying them of the lien and without notifying the lender that you are selling.

You cannot expect every buyer to give you cash if the title is held for a lien. You may have to meet with the buyer at the bank so that they can be with you when you pay the car loan off and then you can finish the transaction. Or, if you are planning to use a dealership or a company that typically buys used cars for cash, they can help you to get the loan paid off and get the extra cash that you have coming to you from the transaction. You can legally sell a car while there is still a lien against it. However, you have to ensure that you are doing so legally to avoid future problems.

Why You Should Use a BMW Specialist for Auto Repairs

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Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your car in good running condition. Choosing who will work on your vehicle takes a bit of consideration. There are general mechanics who tend to work on all types of vehicles and then specialists who have extensive knowledge of a specific area or vehicle brand. Many people prefer specialists when it comes to maintaining and repairing their luxury cars.

If you own a BMW, a specialist is an excellent choice. A BMW specialist will have in-depth knowledge about the most specific details of your luxury car. Mechanics who are considered specialists, take specialized training that prepares them to work on certain brands of cars. A BMW specialist will use only BMW parts when replacements are required and will ensure that your car remains completely genuine.

You can often learn more about a specialist by visiting the company’s website. For instance, if you are looking for a BMW specialist Big Motoring World offers these services. Finding the right specialist depends on a number of factors and is certainly not a decision that should be taken lightly.

A reputable and trustworthy specialist will be able to provide you with guarantees on the work that they do. Any recalls on certain parts by BMW will be handled by your specialist and they will take great care to keep your car in excellent operating condition. Should you ever decide to sell your BMW in the future, knowing that a specialist has cared for it will allow you to command a much higher price than if you allow a general mechanic to do the maintenance and repair work.

Regular garages are fine for some vehicles, but an expensive luxury vehicle should be taken care of properly. Regular garages will provide servicing for all makes and models of cars and may simply not know what to do with a more extensive luxury engine. Only a specialist will truly know how a BMW runs and its general setup so that they can repair it properly whenever it needs it. You should note that all repairs and services should be done by a BMW specialist if you want to keep your warranty intact.

Taking your car to a specialist is much like entrusting a loved one to an excellent physician. You want to know that your car is taken care of properly and that all parts are from BMW. You want to be certain that you are entrusting your car to someone who knows what it takes to repair and maintain it and who will do so according to BMW standards. Driving a luxury car is much more enjoyable when you know without a doubt that the car is running properly and that any repairs needed are done correctly. The only way to truly know that your BMW is cared for properly is to trust those repairs and maintenance jobs to someone who has taken the time to train especially for your car and someone who knows your vehicle almost as well as you do.

Features to Consider when Buying Your Next Car

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If you are planning to buy a new car in the future, there are a few features that you might want to keep in mind. Part of the joy of owning a car or truck is in the special features that it offers. If and when you decide to go vehicle shopping, there are many features that you may want to consider.

Live support systems are very popular today and are a feature that many car owners can simply not live without. OnStar and others offer a level of security that can be very beneficial. If something goes wrong with your vehicle while you are driving or you get lost, these live support systems will instantly come to your aid. They can help you to track down your vehicle if it is ever stolen and simply offer a helpful service that many feel is well worth the monthly subscription charge.

Remote keyless entry is another feature that many choose. This allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle with a remote by simply pushing a button. If you live in colder regions and you want to quickly enter your car without having to wait while you unlock it, this can be a very beneficial feature. Automatic starting is a similar feature that allows you to sit comfortably indoors while you start your car with a remote. This ensures that you do not have to go out in rainy or cold weather to begin warming up your vehicle.

Antilock brakes are a must for any car. These brakes are considered much safer than traditional options. They monitor the wheel speeds of your car individually and when danger is sensed, they apply the brakes faster than you can do yourself so that your vehicle slows safely. A similar feature is skid control or electronic stability. Working with the antilock braking system, this feature applies the brakes to each individual wheel which gives you much more control over the vehicle in certain slippery situations and helps to prevent skidding. Those living in areas that see a lot of rain and/or snow will find this feature to be very beneficial.

There are a number of other features that you can consider when buying a new or used vehicle. Things like GPS systems, telescoping steering wheels, heated seats, side airbags and others help to make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable overall. Think about what features you would enjoy and research your options before you buy to ensure that you get the car that you want with all of the features that you need.

How You Can Prevent Costly Auto Repairs

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Maintenance on your vehicle can get costly at times however proper maintenance is essential to ensure that you do not have to bear even costlier repairs. Preventing the need for repairs should be a high priority for any car or truck owner. By ensuring that you have your vehicle maintained properly, you can avoid having to pay for certain repairs that can be prevented by simply having regular checkups.

Certain things have to be maintained on a regular basis. Changing the oil for instance is recommended regularly because it helps to keep the engine healthy. If you never change your oil, you can eventually expect to have to replace your engine because not keeping it maintained will cause it to wear out much more quickly than it should. The same rule applies to things like tires, brakes and other elements of your car or truck. You have to ensure that you are keeping the operating systems relatively clean and free from buildup that can cause damage to the internal systems and cause them to need replaced.

Having basic knowledge of your vehicle is essential in keeping repair costs down. You need to know when a problem arises so that you can have that problem solved quickly. You should have basic knowledge of how your specific vehicle should function and you should be able to tell when there seems to be something wrong with the vehicle. Of course, you do not have to be a professional mechanic but knowing a few basics about your car is essential. You want to be able to tell when the car is not driving properly, when the brakes seem to not be working properly and when it does not accelerate as it should.

Knowing these things will help you to better prevent having to pay for major damage. When an issue arises you will know to take the vehicle to your mechanic and have it checked out. You can often save a lot of time and money by having a minor repair done as opposed to waiting and having that minor issue turn into something like complete transmission or engine replacement which can cost thousands of dollars. Taking the time to maintain your vehicle is essential in keeping it running properly and in helping you to save money. Schedule your car or truck for routine maintenance regularly and ensure that you can pick up on warning signals of minor and major problems.

What That Smoke from Your Car May be Telling You

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Seeing your car blowing smoke can be frustrating and often confusing. You want to know exactly what is causing this problem so that you can have it repaired quickly. While seeing smoke coming from your tailpipe is definitely not a good thing, sometimes is may be a simple fix and nothing to really be concerned about.

There could be a number of reasons why you are suddenly seeing smoke. Smoke from a vehicle engine is typically seen in older cars and is caused by an engine that is worn out and blowing smoke because of an oil leak. When oil begins to leak into the cylinders it can cause smoke. Oil rings that are found around the pistons can also become worn and cause smoke to appear.

It is important to understand that there are different colors of smoke that could be coming from your car. The color of the smoke that you see can help you to determine the type of problem that you are having. A vehicle will generally emit one of three different colors of smoke. These are black, white and gray and each one signals a different problem.

Black smoke normally means that the combustion chamber is getting too much fuel. When this fuel is not properly burned off, it can cause smoking. If your plugs are fouled for example then you may see black smoke. Gray smoke is normally caused by oil leaking through the valves and burning on the combustion chamber. While this is an issue that needs to be attended to, it is not always as serious as it sounds. This is often the result of an engine being old and worn out and simply replacing a few engine parts could completely solve the issue.

White smoke however, is something that should cause a certain level of alarm. If you are seeing white smoke coming from the exhaust then you could potentially have a blown head gasket. This means that antifreeze or water is getting onto the combustion chamber which is typically caused by an issue with the head gasket. In this instance, it may be necessary to have the head rebuilt or completely replace the engine.

Whatever color of smoke you are seeing, you should take the time to have the situation checked out by a mechanic. There are a number of things that can cause a car to smoke and knowing that the situation is not terribly serious is worth a trip to your local auto shop.

Which GPS System is Right for You?

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GPS systems are great for long travels or simply getting around where you live. In order to enjoy good experiences with your GPS, you have to know how to choose the one that is right for you. There are so many on the market today that selecting just one may seem impossible. It is important to take the time to consider what you need regarding features and capabilities before running out and buying a GPS.

Understand that all systems provide you with basically the same function. They help you to know where you are and the best way to get where you want to go. Even those that are considered expensive all operate around this basic function. So what you are really looking for in a GPS is what other features it offers and whether or not you need those features. You do want to ensure that you have a system that offers updated maps so that you do not get lost but choosing features is what will take the most time.

Many companies offer GPS systems but the most popular are Tom Tom, Magellan and Garmin. Magellan was actually one of the first companies to offer these types of systems and has kept up with features over the years, updating and providing new capabilities with each new unit that they manufacture. Garmin leads the industry and is the most popularly chosen, likely due to the low cost of most of its units and their special features. Tom Tom units are good and offer a low cost as well but you often find a better range of features with Garmin.

Now you need to know what features to look for and which ones are simply going to be useless to you. Many units today offer spoken street name features that help you to get where you are going without actually having to look at the unit. Some also give you extras like traffic reports in real time, routing options that help you to find the fastest and most economical route and even detour features that will help you to avoid traffic jams. If you want top of the line features, you will find that some models have Bluetooth capabilities, Mp3 player features and a variety of touchscreen sizes.

The right GPS unit for you will be the one that serves the purpose you need it to serve and offers the features that you want while traveling. Take some time to look at various models before you buy to get a better idea of what is available and choose a unit that gives you the basic functions along with any special amenities that you may want.